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Welcome to Dwarikadish Digital Loan Consultancy, where we strive to be your trusted ally for all your financial aspirations. Our commitment is to empower your dreams and fuel your ambitions. We offer a spectrum of financial solutions tailored to your needs, including Home Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Milk Income Loans, Mortgage Loans, Vehicle Loans, and Agricultural Loans.

Our main office is located at GF Shop No. 24, Aura Square, near SBI and Axis Bank, Panchvati Char Rasta, Gorwa, Vadodara, which demonstrates our accessibility and dedication to serving you better. We also have branches at Shop No. 8, Bhai Shri Mall, near CM Park, Anand Chokdi, Borsad, and 107, Pramukh Vandan, Muval Chowk, Muval, Padra, Vadodara, to ensure convenience and personalized assistance at multiple locations.

At Dwarikadish Digital Loan Consultancy, we are guided by our esteemed directors, Dhaval Vaghela and Vijay Solanki. We blend our expertise with a customer-centric approach, striving to make your financial journey seamless and rewarding. Our goal is to be more than just a financial partner; we want to be your pathway to realizing your aspirations by providing reliable solutions that transform dreams into tangible achievements.

Our Vision & Mission


Empowering every individual and enterprise with seamless financial assistance, fostering growth and prosperity across communities.


To be the trusted catalyst in transforming aspirations into realities by providing accessible and tailored financial solutions, ensuring prosperity for all.

Why People Choose Us

Compare Different Loan Products

Compare pre-qualified offers from more than 40+ lenders

Ultimate convenience

Simple steps process to get instant approvals and quick bank transfers

Our commitment to transparency

No hidden charges, no hidden information

Some of our Awesome Testimonials

  • I never thought getting a home loan could be so stress-free until I met the team at your consultancy. From explaining the options to guiding through the paperwork, they made it seamless. Highly recommended!

    Ramesh Patel

    Home Loan

  • As a first-time borrower, I was confused about the loan process. Thanks to your consultancy, I not only got a personal loan but also understood the nuances involved. Great service!

    Bhavna Shah

    Personal Loan

  • Securing a mortgage loan seemed daunting initially, but your team's expertise and professionalism made it a breeze. Their personalized approach truly stands out!

    Hitesh Desai

    Mortgage Loan

  • The consultancy's knowledge about agriculture loans was impressive. They not only helped me secure the loan but also shared insights on optimizing its benefits. Thank you!

    Jignesh Patel

    Agriculture Loan

  • I can't thank your consultancy enough for the support in obtaining the best loan for my needs. The patience and clear explanations provided were invaluable. Highly satisfied!

    Sneha Mehta

    General Loan

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